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Information for Schools


SNAP will assess the impact of the school nutrition policies on children’s eating habits and weight and is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We are also interested in the extent to which elementary and consolidated schools are implementing the School Nutrition Policy, including foods offered at breakfast programs.

The SNAP study includes four components:

1. An in-class student survey on eating habits and physical activity including height and weight measurements;

2. A parent survey sent home with student consent forms;

3. A Principal School Food Survey

4. A Breakfast Program Survey

Why are we doing this study now?

As you know, school nutrition policies have been adopted in elementary schools across the province. This study will provide us with important information about the eating habits, physical activity and weight status of children at your school, and whether new school nutrition policies can help children to be healthier.

We will also prepare a progress report for your school concerning the eating habits and weight status of students, and the extent to which schools are following the policy.